The thing I love most about this world is the amazing people I meet. What is even sweeter to me is the unique rapport we cultivate together.

Needless to say, I am at my best when I feel a mutual connection. For me, that connection is built over memorable experiences, clinking glasses, curious questions, and shared laughter.

  • 24 $14000
  • 14 Overnight* $10000
  • 6 $6500
  • 4 $4500
  • 3 $3500
*Personal favorite & strong preference


I love dining at golden hour. My pumpkin hour is 10pm. My best beauty secret is eight hours of sleep. Generally, I am early to bed and early to rise.

As for dates of 24 hours or more, I trust you to be thoughtful & respectful when planning our activities to allow ample sleep, exercise & restorative time.

Travel dates and dates 48 hours and longer, please inquire.

Dates of three or more hours must include a meal or social experience. See my Etiquette page for more.

Deposits are required for all dates and are non-refundable.

In-date extensions are $1000 per hour and dates ending after 1:00am are considered an overnight.

Couples: Yes please! Plan for a three hour minimum & an additional $500.

Solo female/non-cis male client? Guh, please.

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