It is important for me to get a sense of who you are.

Tell me about the things you find pleasurable. How do you propose we spend our time together? I’m curious what it is about me that resonates with you.

Seriously though, stop overthinking it. Just write to me.

I do my very best to respond to your initial inquiry personally. It makes me smile to receive your words and respond to them in kind.

After our initial titillating conversation, my lovely assistant will follow up for verification particulars and coordinating our calendars.

Here's a note on time

Time is precious for us both.

My availability is limited, extended dates are prioritized. Generally, I am not available for dates within 24 hours.

However, it doesn’t hurt to ask and make a very compelling proposal 😀

Compagnie Privée

Would you like to receive a love note from me when I travel to your city? Simply fill out the form below to request access to my Compagnie Privée list.

You must complete the pre-screening process + have a major city clearly indicated in your inquiry form to be eligible.

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