Here's what I expect

Here's what I love



Easy as 1,2,3 baby! In my contact form you get the opportunity to tell me about you. I want to know! Please share with me what it is about me that you are drawn to, what you have in mind for us to do together. I can’t wait to read and respond.

Please fill out the form COMPLETELY with your legal name & pertinent email address. To expedite the screening process, you are welcome to include references from a provider you have seen in the past 6 months (full name, email and website.)

All inquiries are screened. All dates are confirmed with deposit.

Meeting Location

I will meet you at any upscale hotel in New York City (or whichever city I am traveling to meet you.)

Doesn’t work for you to book the accommodation? No matter, I am happy to make the reservation in my name and be reimbursed accordingly.

Please understand that you are responsible for all accommodation expenses.

Date Time

Dates of three hours must include a social activity. Lucky for you, I am a social butterfly. Stay tuned for my NYC blog with the latest date ideas that really spark my fancy.

Don’t know where to begin, just ask me or take a look below:

In-Date Extensions

Not ready for the magic to end? Chances are, if you are feeling it, I am feeling it too. After all it takes two to make a good time into an unforgettable one. Just ask if I am able to accommodate an extension.

In-date extensions are $1000 per hour and dates ending after 1:00am are considered an overnight.


I trust you to be a well-kept gentleman, so this one is short: Freshening up with a quality shower & oral care after our time on the town is without question.


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